In fact, he can accept all the appearance of Shen An, even if Shen An is arrogant and doesn’t go home every day, he can accept making trouble for him outside every day, taking his money and spending it like water to be an idle dude.

But Shen An was put in his hand for so long that he didn’t give birth to even the slightest pride. Not only did he not bully others with him, but he also felt sorry and blamed himself for giving him a gift from a minor.
He didn’t want to broadcast live, for fear that he wouldn’t be rejected, so he told him that he would study hard and find a job after learning the piano.
After returning home, Fu Fengning asked Shen An, "Did he call you back?"
Shen An shook his head.
Fu Fengning glanced at his wrist watch and guessed that the third eldest brother in the class list was not in class yet. Fu Fengning patted Shen An’s head. "The address has been given to him. It is perfect to handle this matter in peace, but he can be blacked out first and then deleted."
Shen An Trail "Good-"
Fu Fengning is worried that Shen An will still be afraid of rubbing his head and gently saying, "He won’t bother you anymore. Trust Uncle Fu."
The third eldest brother sent a message to Fu Fengning’s mobile phone number at dinner. "Baby, how did you delete me?" Add it back quickly! I’ll pay you back on Monday. "
Fu Fengning glanced towards the mobile phone. He was coaxing Shen An to eat and ignored him.
But just a minute later, the words came.
Fu Fengning slightly raised his eyebrows and hung up impatiently. Then he replied to the man, "Call me when I get to your address at three o’clock in the afternoon."
The man will come back soon with the message "Baby cow! No wonder I don’t go to the library now and quit to go to the Fu’s group? "
After a while, I can’t wait for a reply and continue to send a message to Fu Fengning. "Baby, what is your position? It’s not easy to get into the headquarters! Fire is good! Olive branches are thrown one by one! We really have fate. I’m also in the Fu’s group class! But I’m in the branch company "Starlight Media", do you know? I work here! Now it’s the assistant manager level, haha. "
Fu Fengning occasionally took a look at the mobile phone while giving Shen An food.
When I saw the words "I am also in the Fu’s group class" and "Starlight Media", I couldn’t check my eyebrows.
When Shen An obediently finished eating, Fu Fengning sent a message back to the man, "What’s your name?"
"Qin Xiaohu! You can call me Qin Ge. I should be ten years older than you. Hey hey … I haven’t worked yet at three o’clock in the afternoon, but it’s good to ask you for leave. I want to know what the baby’s sweet and soft lips taste like. "
Qin Xiaohu thinks he is a real tiger.
He thinks it’s a great thing that he spent three months’ salary smashing the third eldest brother in Shen An’s gift weekly list. After all, there are many fans in Shen An, and there are many bachelors and some rich women, which are simply for men and women.
He usually doesn’t spend money on live broadcast, but Shen An’s hanging looks so innocent and so eager to see him possessed.
Since "Shen An" made an appointment with him this evening, he has been a little distracted and specially went out to cut a sharp cut and take out the big name of the closet and iron it.
I don’t know if he can’t even dream that Grandfather Fu has sent them an email with dismissal suggestions. The person in charge of Starlight Media was scared by the sender of this email and looked straight for more than a dozen times before he quickly woke up like a big dream and called his own HR manager and a department manager overnight.
Qin Xiaohu’s three ordinary names were held overnight by three bosses for the first time in his life, and finally the meeting worked out twenty reasons for Qin Xiaohu’s dismissal.
That night, Shen An slept in Fu Fengning’s arms, and Fu Fengning patted him on the lamp and told him stories.
All this time, when Fu Fengning came over, local Shen An was not afraid of the dark.
And Fu Fengning has also developed the habit of reading three or four short stories in class every day. Because he wants to tell stories to Shen An when he goes to bed at night and every day is different, he will choose from these three or four stories and make a point that it is best and most suitable to tell Shen An to coax him to sleep.
Often the story is told, and generally Shen An will fall asleep.
It’s been a while since the story was finished. Shen An suddenly began to shout "Uncle Fu …"
Fu Fengning patted him and whispered in his ear, "Uncle Fu is here. Go to sleep quickly."
Shen An fingers stretched out from the bed and habitually followed the robe on Fu Fengning’s chest and gently squeezed him in Fu Fengning’s arms. "Then I will tell you on the live broadcast … and I will say goodbye to you these days …"
Fu Fengning patted Shen An on the back. "Well, say goodbye well and everyone will still remember you."
Shen An’s novel "I can’t remember it … I will remember that there were so many people who liked me …"
Fu Fengning gently rubbed the back of Shen An’s head. "It’s worth being liked for Ann."
Shen An heard such words from Fu Fengning’s mouth again this time, without self-doubt and questioning in the past. He was a little shy to drill into Fu Fengning’s arms and smiled very shyly.
He grabbed Fu Fengning’s skirt and twisted his fingers uneasily, so that Fu Fengning didn’t want to be a man.
Shen An Trail "Uncle Fu … is also worthy of being liked …"
When Fu Fengning reached for his robe skirt in Shen An, there was some undercurrent in his eyes. At this time, Shen An was so clearly talking about whether he was worthy of being liked. Where could Fu Fengning hold back?
He rubbed Shen An’s head, and the hand suddenly stopped moving, and the protective gesture was placed behind Shen An’s head. He suddenly asked Shen An, "Do you like it in peace?"
Shen An was stung/excited by the sudden surge of ebony pheromone, and then he felt that ebony pheromone softened quickly, and it was like an illusion that he was hot just now.
Shen An’s night vision ability is poor, and Fu Fengning’s bedroom curtains have a good shading effect. Fortunately, Shen An’s senses are limited to enlarge at this moment when he can’t see his fingers.
He could feel Fu Fengning’s hot breath sprinkled on his head, like a hot fog soaked with the hormone breath that made people’s blood boil and surrounded him tightly.
When the original warm sleep, Shen Anxin was violently pounding because of this hormone invasion. Just feeling Fu Fengning close to him made him feel soft and soft, even his waist was soft.
Shen An doesn’t know what’s wrong with himself these days.
In the past, Fu Fengning didn’t talk to him like this. At that time, his heart would beat faster because of nervousness, and he even had some fears.
But now Shen An will inexplicably become a limp mollusk in Fu Fengning’s deep eyes and warm breath.