Yu said that the remaining leaders reacted and their faces suddenly showed shame. It is sexual to be afraid of death, but shame can also reflect these people’s shame, but they dare not look at Classical.

However, there is really no blame for these people’s reaction. Everyone has his own choice. Is it necessary for everyone to accompany him to die before he is happy?
Even if it is possible, Classical hopes that everyone can escape alive instead of staying to go to the grave with him.
Stretched out his hand and patted Liu Tang several people shoulder classical turned around at the opposite way "ChuYi dare to come with classical a Syria".
Chu Yi’s face was calm. After a few steps, Chu Yi appeared in front of Classical and looked at Classical intently. "Classical, do you have anything to say when you see me?"
Classical face with a somewhat gray color way "guangyang county king classical thinks he is not your opponent, but if I make up my mind to try my best to want to pull a person mutually assured destruction or something"
Chu Yi didn’t speak, which made Classical feel a little nervous. However, Classical continued, "If the king of Guangyang County can promise me one condition, Classical is willing to give this great head to the king of Guangyang County for his achievements."
Chu Yi’s eyes swept over those Liangshan leaders behind Classical, saying, "If Classical wants to trade your life for the lives of these people behind him, please respect your mouth."
Classical look a dark, it is obvious that he is playing this idea, but being rejected by Chu Yi at the moment makes Classical look ugly.
Yu said that the leaders who stood behind Classical looked complicated. They didn’t think that Classical actually wanted to exchange their lives for their safety. If they were not shocked and moved, wouldn’t they?
Strategist Zhu Wu, Xiao Wenhou and Lv Fang immediately said to Classical, "Brother, let’s fight with them. If we want our brother to take his life in exchange for our safety, then we still have face to face."
Speaking small Wen Hou Lu Fang waved his hand, and the Chinese painting Ji was covered with blood, which was quite a blow to Chu Yi.
If Chu Yi didn’t say a word of rejection, Lv Fang must have stopped it for the first time, but at the moment, Classical didn’t stop it. Instead, it meant that his body and breath soared and he jumped on Chu Yi’s mouth and shouted, "Your brothers have escaped this king of Guangyang County and we can all leave."
Since the grievance doesn’t work, then direct violence means to act. At first, Classical didn’t have such an idea, but when Chu Yi came forward, the distance between the two sides was only a few feet away, Classical couldn’t help but give birth to the idea of taking Chu Yi alive and coercing the loyalist to let them go.
If you don’t build a dangerous wall, Chu Yi’s status is noble. If you don’t have a tough repair, Chu Yi can’t get close to Classical and others. Otherwise, if you are caught, it’s not fear but brain disease.
Chu Yi’s hand is like driving away flies, so a wave of his hand suddenly Lv Fang stabbed the blow and was struck by Chu Yi’s hand. Lv Fang felt that holding the hand of Fang Tian painting Ji was like being smashed by a hammer for a moment. Holding the hand of Fang Tian painting Ji was shattered by the power of painting Ji.
Snapping day painting halberd hit the ground and Chu Yi stretched out his hand and grabbed it toward Lv Fang. The classical attack finally arrived at the moment.
However, Chu Yi has already grasped Lv Fang’s hand and conveniently sent Lv Fang forward. The classical offensive had to be forcibly reversed and recovered.
Wow, because of forcibly recovering a strength, Classical vomited blood. After all, it was hasty, and even Classical could not escape being hurt by that strength.
Lv Fang was carried by Chu Yi as if he were a shield. As a result, several leaders attacked and became timid. After all, they were really afraid of being hurt and caught by Chu Yi, Lv Fang.
Lv Fang couldn’t help yelling at Chu Yi when he saw this situation, but Chu Yi’s mind had already cultivated to a certain extent, and his words really shook Chu Yi’s mind.
Classical hand grasp to Chu Yi Lv Fang mouth drink a way "Chu thief put Lv Fang brothers".
Chu Yi casually threw Lv Fang towards the classical style, but in the face of Chu Yi, he threw the classical style casually, but he didn’t dare to be careless. He held Lv Fang’s back with one hand and then turned his body and turned every step to introduce a terrible force into the ground, causing the ground to shake. I didn’t know that it was an earthquake.
Chapter one hundred and fortieth ChuYi bullying
Fully back several zhangs classical this just let out all the strength contained in Lv Fangshen-this just look at Lv Fangdao "Lv Fang brothers, you don’t care".
Lv Fang’s face couldn’t help showing a bitter smile and shaking his head at Classical. "My brother’s insides have collapsed, but it’s my brother’s blessing to get to know each other in this life. If there is an afterlife, I hope you and I are still brothers …"
Eyes gradually lost their spirits. Obviously, just before Lv Fang’s body became a bridge where Chu Yi collided with Classical’s terrible power, Lv Fang suffered two forces’ erosion. It would be a miracle if it could really save his life.
When Lu Fang’s physical strength was removed, it was hard for Classical to accept this result.
Take a deep breath and slowly put Lv Fang’s body in classical eyes flashing yoshimitsu at Chu Yi, that is, at this time, a figure was shot out by Chu Yi, not Liu Tang but also a person.
If Liu Tangxiu can get a blow from Chu Yi, even with a blow, you can imagine what it would be like to be shot out of Liu Tang.
Hearing the classical voice hoarse, he shouted, "Chu thief, I will never die today!"
With a sigh in my heart, Chu Yi still holds a somewhat appealing heart for Classical. Unfortunately, Classical temperament is doomed to be impossible to accept his soliciting theory. Whether the Nguyen Brothers or Gongsun Sheng and others die has already doomed Classical to be at odds with him.
Lu Junyi, wins a few people in the previous step faint will ChuYi protect a lot to stop classical meaning, after all, classical a crazy look at the moment is really desperate life really somewhat may pull ChuYi mutually assured destruction together.
Chu Yi waved his hand and shouted at Classical, "Classical don’t say that Chu didn’t give you a chance."
Classical walked step by step towards Chu Yi, but his hair turned white at an extremely fast speed, and even his face was faintly wrinkled. Obviously, Classical was applying the occult technique of burning source, which was so overbearing that it was just a blink of an eye and he had become a dying old man.
But don’t look at Classical’s old appearance, but his breath is even more frightening. By the time Chu Yi approaches, Classical’s momentum has reached its peak.
Even if it is a mountain in front of us, Classical is sure to bang a gap to Chu Yi, and it is also a palm shot.
For a moment, Chu Yi’s figure flashed while Classical stood there.
A few breaths in the past, Chu Yi finally spat out one mouthful polluted air and looked at it motionless. Classical heart couldn’t help feeling deeply that the blow was really worthy of burning Shou Yuan in exchange for even a statue of Tianshi’s hard resistance.
Don’t look at Chu Yi’s motionless classical palm, while Chu Yi still exerted his secret method.
In fact, the so-called return to the motherland means that Chu Yi hits as many attacks as possible with amazing speed, and these attacks are superimposed one by one, which seems to have a little time difference, but if the speed is fast enough, it can also cover up the tiny time difference of each attack.
Classical is equivalent to being attacked by Chu Yi dozens of times at the moment of meeting, and the damage caused by the superposition of these dozens of attacks can be imagined.
If this is not the case, Chu Yi will never dare to pose there, and he will try his best to fight hard.