The only thing that can be sure is that today’s big instrument may really rock the boat.

Shine lightly walked into the hall with ghost Xi Lan to look at Corleone with a slight nod, showing a little bit of gratitude, accompanied by Xiao Zhang, who came to his seat and didn’t take a seat, so he was far away from the ghost like the wind.
Ghost like the wind smiled faintly. "Little Master Duan Peipei"
There is a trace of coldness in the weak voice of Shine. "The big elders are good-hearted, kind and poisonous. First, they forcibly demonize the spirit, and then they will drive it into the ten layers of hell. If it weren’t for the spirit, some means would have been beyond redemption."
Ghosts are like the wind and face upwards. Haha, "You can’t talk nonsense without evidence. It’s just a joke to say things without evidence."
Ghosts like spirits gently shook his head. "Evidence is not important. Shine didn’t mean to settle accounts with you for the time being. Shine, the most important thing now is to let all friends in the temple of hades know the most basic facts …"
After that, Linger turned to face the ceremony and flashed a token on the wrists of the monks. "Do you know what this is?"
Two elders see ghost like wind, ghost like wind slightly shook his head.
The monks in the hall said in unison, "I have seen the ghost king’s order."
Shine nodded slightly. "Well, it’s good for all Taoist friends to know. Now Shine inspires this order to let all Taoist friends see that my temple of hades is really unknown."
With a wave of his hand, Hao wrist made the ghost king fly to the center of the hall.
Shine a formula to hit the token, and the token radiates a milky white brilliance, revealing a scene.
After careful observation, the monks found that this was just an ordinary family. At this time, someone in this family should have just died, wrapped in white clothes and having a funeral.
And the coffin, a faint airflow, floated up as if it were attracted by some force and generally got into a white cloud.
As soon as the picture turns, the airflow attracted by the white clouds has turned into a cloud and appeared in the quotations.
Linger’s words rang out leisurely. "The first reason why the Ghost King left the iron law is very simple. That is, the true source and root of my ghost is that the Terran has lost its root. My ghost will have no new yin and no new yin, and even if I practice ghost, my descendants will lose their birth. Now, friends, do you still think it is the best choice for us to close the mainland channel and naturalize in the underworld?"
The scene boiled up instantly, and the ghosts talked about it.
Ghosts, like the wind and a wave of their hands, rushed to the hall with a sinister wind, and the ghost king made a violent roar in his mouth, "Blame people to deceive people and trick them into giving me a broken token to die."
Boom a ghost king’s order was hit and thrown up, but it didn’t break like a ghost expected by the wind
Instead, it gave a white light to the ghost like the wind.
Ghosts are like the wind. When the body moves slightly, a layer of evil wind blocks the body and forms an air shield to block the white light.
However, the block is blocked
However, in the white light, a tall and strong monk with six arms and purple hair appeared in Kurome.
Ghost Dragon’s stout fingers pointed up and said, "The Ghost King’s Order is also called to follow the magic order. You are a ghost like the wind. It’s no wonder that you have tried every means to bring my quotations into the underworld. It’s no wonder that you are so cruel and cruel. Dear friends, open your eyes and see clearly. Don’t be tempted by inferno spies to bring my quotations into a state of perdition …"
Ghost wind slightly leng leng head laughed "what broken mirror according to the magic you say he can according to the magic? Refers to the deer and horse set up a ghost like a spirit, and that’s your disturbing trick … "
Speaking of a Yin qi rushed to shine at the same time, the body jumped up and flew with one hand, far away, and took it in the direction of shine.
when the map was spread out
It’s almost exposed, so let’s talk hard.
Shine was standing as usual on the spot.
Ghost Xi Lan behind a figure jumped out and is a palm to the ghost like the wind.
Chapter DiYiSanYi No, no, no.
Ghosts like the wind believe in absolute strength and everything is reasonable.
Even if you are exposed and want to kill ghosts like spirits yourself, then everything will be introduced into normality.
In fact, it is still true that ghosts are like the wind, and Honky, like a spirit, will break his own chain of gods and break out of the ten levels of hell to appear in the palace of hades.
What has happened to him is unknown 2.
But now those are not important.
The important thing is to kill ghosts like spirits.
When the ghost blows a palm like the wind, he thinks, "Ghost Dragon has been suppressed by me. Who can stop me in the hall on the spot?"
There was an uproar in the hall, and a monk shouted, "Be careful, little temple master."
Of course, more monks have no reaction to come over and have seen the evil wind blowing to the Lord of the temple with less shine.
When everyone can’t stop the situation, it will be bad.
Zhong pu yi crunchy
A palm of your hand blocked the ghost like wind and evil wind before palm force.
Even the deputy temple master didn’t react to react, and he couldn’t resist the evil wind. The palm poof was actually defeated.
Everyone thinks that the flowers at the moment have found that an "ugly ghost" has stood up in front of the main hall of Linger Shaodian.
Sun Hao behind shine heart is full of warmth and gratitude.
She has experienced several great disasters in her life, so that she can’t get through it herself. Every time is the time when she is the most helpful and helpless, and her heart is desperate.
There is always a savior who comes down from the sky and saves her from the abyss, bringing her hope and peace.
I don’t know when Sun Hao’s figure has been firmly engraved in the depths of her heart. Whenever the moon is silent and it is ten layers of hell, when she thinks of Sun Hao, her heart is full of happiness.
Especially the ten levels of hell. When she knew that Dayi was coming and she was about to be overwhelmed by the chain of locked gods, she saw the Luo charm Sun Hao took it with her.
When the public came and saved me, she was sobbing for a time.
Now when the ghost is like the wind, when he makes his own moves, he is in front of himself again.
Corleone is not particularly strong. At this time, Shine’s eyes look like towering mountains. You can rely on snuggling. Corleone gently called a "male" behind him.
Corleone side head to shine smiled "shine suffered to me"
Shine nodded meekly and said, "Well, please also take charge of the overall situation and help me tide over the difficulties in hades."
A palm of his own strength was actually blocked by people.
Before Shine, there appeared a ghost who she called "Gong". She was afraid that these changes in the Temple of Hades today could not be separated from this "Gong".
Ugly and harmonious face emerge a bit dignified ghost like wind lang asked "newcomers? Interfere with my affairs in the temple of hades? "
Sun Hao said faintly with a smile, "The devil, the thief, the wolf, and the ambition of everyone have to punish the devil. You took the lock chain to stop Shine, and you took the ten layers of hell to refine Shine’s spirit, and you tried to bring the quotations into the eternal underworld."