Almost at the same moment, Xu retreated and the flying sword broke, but the flying sword appeared on the 41st lap.
Caught off guard on the 41st lap, a mechanical Eldar elite was directly allowed to retreat and explode the energy core.
Yan Lie’s appearance of a backstab directly decapitates a alienated race in a dull state and disappears again in an instant.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six Highly toxic ability
Suddenly, the whole source-energy super-surge war circle was in full swing.
The whole circle of war seems to have entered a state of war at this moment.
Even people such as Li Zhouchen, Black Hawk, Bro, Bobo, etc., who are the most circled, also drew frequent turns back.
But the most important thing for them is to contain their opponents.
Have locked their qi machine into their opponents.
Of course, Zhao Hailong is an exception.
It doesn’t matter at all that Brody’s movements across the street have no qualms about locking into an elite alienated family diagonally across the street.
Bro will kill the Aliens no matter who he deals with!
Locked by Zhao Hailong’s breath, the heart of the alienated elite hangs up. At this moment, there is an impulse to run
Of course, the most chaotic at this time should be about forty laps.
Because Xu retired in advance, almost all the teams nearby participated in the war.
Even if you retreat, you will not continue to fight.
After slaying two people on the 41st lap of the alien invasion elite, they were left to the Yin Bao team.
Yan Liexu’s hammer retreat has already appeared on the 40th lap.
Xu also directly from behind Yin Bao team through the kill to the 40th lap.
On the 41st lap, two teammates died instantly, and the elite alien invaders were killed by the Yin Bao team on the spot, and the situation quickly became extremely dangerous!
At the same moment, each Terran team retired in an orderly manner.
Every time Xu retreats, it is equivalent to winning a regional battle for Terran!
No suspense!
Is the 40th lap Terran team war alien elites have noticed Xu back move very carefully.
It can be called force defense!
But I can’t help but retreat from the mental hammer!
The spirit of Xu retired by 20%, and even the extraordinary spirit of the alienated family will be shaken by a hammer.
Whether it’s Yan Liedao or Xu Feijian, it takes a moment to kill them!
On the fortieth lap, Xu retired Yan Lie and killed him one by one!
This gesture directly scared it, and the alien invasion elites lost their footing on the spot, and the Terran team advanced!
Great victory!
Xu tuiyanlie did not stop and continued to rush to the 39th lap.
When stepping on the thirty-ninth lap, Xu retreated and poured himself a bottle of B-class energy active agent.
This can restore the spirit of precious things. Xu has five bottles in his hand. It would be a surprise to drink two or three bottles in World War I!
Xu retreat is expected to take a period of time when his spirit will be greatly consumed. Drink a bottle of tonic first!
After all, although the spirit hammer can be continuously knocked after it is cast, at least one percent of the spirit is lost every time it is knocked.
Have to add!
Judging from the feeling of Xu’s retreat, the power of mental hammer and mental shock whip has increased after his spirit lashed the last two genetic basis points into secondary silver.
Of course, it is the normal increase after the gene base point is strengthened to the second level.
Xu tui expected that after all the basic points of a gene capacity chain were strengthened into secondary silver, there would always be some big changes, not to mention any earth-shaking changes!
Did not meet the expectation of retirement!
I have to study it carefully.
This doesn’t quite match the theory deduced by Xu tui!
Three kills on lap 39!
Xu tui Yan lie passed by easily
On the thirtieth lap, Terran Team is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Xu tuiyanlie.
Xu retired Yan Lie before they fought against the alien invasion elite, so they were affected first, and took the initiative to step back. There were reinforcements behind them for emergency defense!
But a quick volley of guns made them in a hurry on the spot!
Previously, there was another gene base point that was strengthened to the secondary silver power, and it also rose slightly.
But there is still no threat or harm to them.
It’s enough to drive them into a hurry!
The spirit hammer flies through the sword