During this period, I devoted myself to penance and told many brothers and sisters through Xiangyun, asking them not to disturb me.


Originally, relying on a little adventure, I was practicing my posture in a special law barrier.
This enchantment is named by the mysterious man, "Shadow Divide Soul". The enchantment specifically restrains all kinds of postures. The illusion can lock the other person’s soul brand. Even if it is highly illusory, it is difficult to hide the figure in the enchantment of shadow divide soul.
Now, of course, the power of this enchantment is one in a thousand, but it is very different. It is in the embodiment of the spirit force of the Universiade to dodge and unite the body and mind to practice the bamboo shadow posture
Nowadays, Lu Li can conjure up hundreds of figures in succession, each with its own breath, or take turns to present different avatars to confuse the enemy.
Although all the avatars are still torn by the number of soul-dividing boundaries, the persistence in the land separation boundary is getting longer and longer. From the initial dozens of breaths to now, we can persist in a fragrant effort.
According to the mysterious person, this mysterious array can be used by many strange arrays to form a unique array of heaven and earth, which can be used by ghosts to cut off immortals.
Of course, it’s impossible to break away from this array. At present, the understanding of this array is almost blank, except for the odd array of B wood.
With the passage of time, he was immersed in poor practice. At this time, he devoted himself to the practice for three quarters of the day, and stayed in the bamboo house to accompany the lotus fairy to caress the piano and adjust his breath.
On a full moon night, lotus flowers are separated from each other. I often wonder if that slim encounter was doomed to each other’s lives.
His talent is not bad, plus his enlightenment experience before crazy cultivation, which makes him make rapid progress, and soon he breaks through to the realm of then again and forms then.
The result of rebuilding the physical strength is that the meridians and veins of Lu Li are more than twice as strong as those of ordinary masters, and almost twice as abundant as those of others.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Practice Boxing
That is to say, two masters at the same level can compete against pure strength
In terms of dharma and posture attainments, there are several achievements, such as the five elements of gods and the bamboo shadow posture!
The separation of the five elements can be manipulated at will, and it is rare to surpass the separation of people. However, the separation of the bamboo shadow has been able to conjure up 999 avatars to form a bamboo shadow, which makes people lose their judgment.
It’s another night. At this time, there are only seven days from the inspection meeting, leaving the later stage of the current realm of cultivation.
The mysterious man came to the bamboo forest and said indifferently, "The achievement method ordered by my predecessors a few days ago has been cultivated and completed. There are still less than seven days before the inspection meeting. I am confident that it will be necessary to step up the practice of sword tactic to break through the immortal realm."
The mysterious man smiled indifferently. "The sword tactic needs to be practiced. This inspection meeting is a technical meeting. You are not allowed to use the sword. Of course, you must not use the sword tactic."
Lu Li was puzzled. "This-do I have to meet the enemy with my bare hands?"
The man in black nodded, "Yes, it is."
Lu Li frowned and said, "If I am the younger brother of the three tribes of Cuixuanfeng, I may have some hope of winning the championship, but I must have the same strong opponent. If the other party uses a weapon or a spirit weapon, it will be difficult for me to resist the attack without a sword."
The man in black said, "The so-called offense and defense is just a concept. Of course, offense and defense can’t be confused. Besides the sword tactic, there are many offensive methods. The sword is an offensive weapon, not an offensive department."
Lu Li’s eyes lit up slightly and hurriedly said, "Please ask the seniors for instructions."
The man in black said indifferently, "There are thousands of ways to attack, such as fist, palm and leg, which are all the same origin and must stick to the sword style." Which one do you want to study? "
White man is going to teach technique Lu Centrifuge a moment of joy and said, "What my predecessors said is that I want to practice a boxing."
The man in black smiled and immediately said, "So I’ll give you two kinds of boxing, namely Tiger Boxing and Snake Boxing. The former is fierce and overbearing, and the latter is feminine and clever. After successful cultivation, your boxing will be able to achieve both rigidity and softness, and you can fight against the royal sword master even with your bare hands."
Seeing that Lu Li was puzzled, the man in black continued, "Lu Li, do you think you are talented?"
Speaking of the word "natural talent", I meditated on it. From my own understanding of the realm of Xiuxian Road, the woman in red commented on it and said, "It’s fair."
The man in black smiled and didn’t say much, so the figure blurred and disappeared.
At the same time, the spectrum of the two fists slowly drifted away and was taken over by Lu Li. The spectrum of the Chinese tiger boxing tells the story of the twelve strokes of the cultivation essentials. The strength is fierce and overbearing, but the flexibility is insufficient, but the power is extremely strong. Once it is hit, it will hurt.
Snake boxing is just the opposite. It’s tricky and weird, like a snake spitting letters. Surprisingly, it takes a lot of thinking.
It’s not unusual for a man in black to be away from home, and it’s not the first time he’s seen a mysterious man who has long been away from home. He once said that this is a virtual force and it is not suitable for cultivation at present.
A person left in the bamboo forest seriously cultivated two kinds of fists. Suddenly, sometimes the wind was blowing in the forest, sometimes the snake flew quickly, and he entered a state of ecstasy and unconsciously progressed …
This day is the investigation meeting of the three schools of Cuixuanfeng in Taikoomen. Cuizhu School, Cyclone School and Cangshan School will all be present.
One year later, there were more than twelve participants in the Four Peaks Technical Meeting, and one year later, the twenty tribes of the Three Mountains and Twelve Peaks Theory Fairy Meeting competed for the place that eventually entered Taiyi Mountain.
Of course, the four peaks of Zhongtaiyi Mountain should also participate. These four peaks are relatively special, and each peak gate is not divided into tribes. According to each brother’s qualifications and expertise, he is taught the magic and cultivated by his brother.
Xiangyun arrived in Cuizhu Xiaozhu early in the morning and planned to wake up Lu Libai and go to Cuihua Hall to attend today’s inspection meeting.
I can wander around for a while, but I haven’t seen a mysterious fairy array guarding Xiangyungen method on the second floor of the small bamboo building.
Xiangyun, who was impatient in her heart, was about to shout when she saw a time flash across the land, but her posture was so fast that Xiangyun could barely see a figure without any method to distinguish it.
"Teacher younger brother lu you this-"
Xiangyun trembles, so at this moment she can’t see through the realm of alienation.
Indifferently shook his head. "I’m careless, but the teacher elder sister has been promoted to the intermediate saint? The phoenix bracelet smells very harmonious, and it is more handy to transport it. The elder sister has made great progress! "
Xiangyun blushed and said, "I’ll make fun of others. Let’s go to the master of Cuizhu Building and wait for everyone."
Lu Li nodded and Xiangyun was so unpreparedness that they pulled up Lu Li’s arm and flew directly to Cuizhu Building.
Arrived at the bamboo building, and first met the Aoki Buddha.
Looking at the Buddha from Aoki, seeing that his breath is strong and his aura hood appears to be full of spirit, he immediately felt relieved. "I remember that when you first arrived here, I said that when you became the most outstanding person of the Cuizhu Sect, I would recommend you to stay in Tianzundi now-"
Lu Li said indifferently, "Master doesn’t have to mean that it’s not too late after the fairy convention at this time."
Aoki Buddha nodded and immediately took the landing away from Xiangyun into the bamboo building. Everyone inside has arrived and met many brothers and sisters from Lu Li, who are very enthusiastic. During this period of Lu Li, we will continue to leave the Linggen Tree to everyone to take care of and contribute a lot to cultivation.
The two elders were also very pleased and kind when they saw Lulu. After all, Lulu was not devastated by the Lotus Fairy, and the road to cultivate immortals continued to climb.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Inspection Conference
Now, at the age of fifteen, Lu Li has grown a lot taller than Xiangyun, and his appearance is quite handsome. The whole life is rich, beautiful, elegant and handsome, just like a 17-year-old man, and he is very manly.
The elder brother Hong Kun, the third elder sister Miao Hua, the ninth elder brother Yang Lie, Ye Guhong, etc. all gathered around to ask after the landing, and to know his recent practice and living conditions.
Of course, his brothers and sisters are also very enthusiastic about Lu Li, but Lu Li’s temperament has been relatively low-key, and he has been deeply hidden and buried in his heart
It’s not a long time apart, but through this meeting, many brothers and sisters feel that Lu Li is no longer the unfathomable and arrogant teenager who seems to have grown up after being separated from the wild animals in the forest, and can lead the Cuizhu Sect to create more glory on its own.
Then the Aoki Buddha led all the people to send Lingyun to the Cuihua Temple on the top of Cuixuan Peak.
Aoki Sage, two elder brothers and fifteen younger brothers, except sixteen younger sisters, Lotus Fairy, were ruled by themselves, which was caused by the cultivation method. Therefore, the truth of all the people showed various brilliance with a slight difference, and the snakes were dazzling in a word.
Outside the temple, the Holy Spirit of Heaven and Science saw the Cuizhu Sect alone, and all the people arrived in a flash and entered the Cuihua Temple.
When I came to the temple, I couldn’t help but be surprised. The whole Cuihua Temple covers a large area, with dozens of acres, which is far from the Cuizhu Building. Compared with the previous one, I can see that the Cuihua Temple is full of fairy tales and classical elegance. It is a spectacular one with twelve peaks in Taikoon.
The main hall of Cuihua Temple is very spacious and spacious, depicting the landscape paintings of the three mountains and twelve peaks in Taikoomen, which means a lot to point out the mountains and rivers. In addition, there are four incense burners standing in the four corners of the main hall, and the smoke seems to be refined by vanilla elixir, which gives people a refreshing feeling, and the internal organs are baptized with a kind of medicine, which makes people feel comfortable and really fluent.
In the center of the main hall, some seats are seated in turn. Naturally, the main seat is the Heaven of Science and the Holy Spirit, followed by the hall. As the elders said, it also contains some separate halls, such as the Imperial Zhai and the Pavilion. Naturally, the Imperial Zhai is the Cuixuanfeng Cuihua Temple, and the local pavilion is the meeting place for the elders of Heaven of Science and the Holy Spirit or the reception of senior figures from Taikoon.