"Brother Zhuang is handsome, but that glass of wine is simply handsome from a dead angle of 365 degrees!"

"Where did the five degrees come from?"
"Can’t you just take care of Brother Zhuang for five more degrees?"
Zhuang is not far from being praised by these kids, but I never thought that these two-faced bastards would turn this thing into another one.
Not far from the manor, Zhuang received Jia Yelian’s words, "Manager Zhuang, are you all right?"
"I just another table toast didn’t see feng always dare to molest you? I heard that you spilled wine on his face on the spot? "
Not far from Zhuang, black question mark face
What? What did you say?/Sorry? Say it again?
"I have long heard that Laofeng has a lot of bad habits. I didn’t expect this kind of problem …"
"Wait, who did you listen to?"
"My home is small," Jia Yelian said. "Wait, isn’t my home small … sorry …"
Opposite Jia Yelian hung up and vaguely heard Jia Yikun scream before hanging up.
Jia Yelian just hung up when a few more words came in.
"Master Zhuang, you have been molested? I took my brothers to dry him! "
"The owner heard that you were blown away? I have hemorrhoid cream here. Do you want it? "
"Master Zhuang heard that you …"
I fell!
Zhuang was not far from being grieved by General Feng, but was almost grieved by these bad friends.
If I had known, I would have slapped him and spilled some wine!
Not far back to the manor, Zhuang surrounded by several servants.
"Master Zhuang …"
"But …"
"I said no!"
"Master Shi, I want to ask if you have a penis."
Not far from Zhuang, the servants fell to the ground with their hands flying about.
Not far before going to bed, Zhuang called Glory An. "Are you all right? That manager Feng hasn’t been splashing again, has he?"
"Don’t worry about it," said Zhou Xiangan.
Zhuang washed and slept not far away.
He didn’t know that a glass of wine on his side was spilled thousands of miles away and Yancheng Li Zhe was almost crying.
I finally wasted half a day trying to pick up a project, but who thought it would be ruined by a glass of wine not far from Zhuang!
"This stupid landlord has money to earn, let alone drink a glass of wine even if he can’t die!" What’s wrong with pretending to be a grandson?
How can you pick up my project with such a mess?
Sometimes you have to bow your head when you should!
"You don’t understand that if you can bow your head, you won’t be called the owner …" Xu Nianwu understands Zhuang not far. After all, he is a manor servant who knows Zhuang not far from his bones.
He can laugh and scold, but he will never bow his head and face the enemy.
Because he is the owner of the manor.
"I’ll do something …" Xu Nianwu sighed. "I’ll go back and ask the old man myself."
Xu Nianwu bought a plane ticket overnight and returned to the virtual city
Back to the virtual city, Xu Nianwu was deeply touched with sadness.
But he rushed to the virtual city branch without thinking.
The worker told him, "You are late. Manager Feng has gone to the groundbreaking ceremony."
No way, Xu Nianwu rushed to the groundbreaking ceremony again.
The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the west entrance of the tunnel at the foot of the magic mountain on the west side of the virtual city. At the beginning, Xu Nianwu chose the site. Of course he knew the location.
When I arrived at the scene, I saw a huge red board wall standing in front of the mountain, and the words "the groundbreaking ceremony of the magic mountain tunnel" were almost there, and everyone was whispering right next to it.
Feng always has a black face in the corner.
Last night, he was so embarrassed that he wanted to leave.
But it’s best for an old-school paternalistic leader like him to turn his face and think that if he leaves like this, he will be laughed at and said that he is always afraid of a wet behind the ears.
So he still came with a pair of cold eyes and wanted to find some trouble not far from Zhuang.
Seeing Xu Nianwu coming, the black face suddenly became darker.
"What are you doing here?"
Not far from Xu Nianwu’s defeat to Zhuang, he is sorry, but now he is resentful and hateful.