Immediately, the giant shadow took a step forward and regarded the Kunlun Sect as a direct object, and the Kunlun Sect made a sensation and knew that this was a gift from the head of the Immortal Sect to pay homage to the monks.

In this world, one Buddha and one immortal didn’t say any nonsense, one flew west and the other flew south, taking people to Tibet in unison, and soon they would be together.
Hou Huan felt the beast roar from the turbulent source and the shocking momentum, and hurried with more than a hundred demons to touch both sides. At first, he was suspicious, and then his eyes were wide open, because he felt the unique momentum of the world fairy.
Kunlun sent immortals to pick a pair of eyebrows and look cool. The right hand pointed forward and shot out a green light.
Blink of an eye, the phantom head is pierced through a hole, and a sad cry is like metal friction across everyone’s ears. Repairing the weak is a trembling hair.
Suddenly, Hou Huan’s body burst and turned into a mass of blood and fog, and hundreds of demons fell beside him.
It is like a huge blood bubble, which wraps more than a hundred demons in the blink of an eye, and a blood cloud is like a meteor, rowing into the distance.
At the same time, several beasts from Tibet roared at air billow, and the clouds in the sky rolled violently, revealing a cyclone like a dragon sucking water and connecting the sky.
This extremely amazing need is even stronger than the pace that Kunlun sent Emei to kill The Hunger, and suddenly stopped looking solemn and flew to the west of the center of Tibet Province.
Immortal and Buddha came to the world, The Hunger was defeated, and various events, such as the appearance of several monster beasts, flew to the realm of repairing the truth in a very short time, which shocked the world. Half of the monks rushed to Tibet.
At last, people are presented with a double-layer blue-gold double-color light curtain erected in a cylindrical shape, which is extremely huge and connected with the sky and the earth. There are Buddhist magic words outside Sanskrit and Taoist runes to surround the whole Tibetan province and resist the crazy impact of several monster beasts.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine East Tianli with easy.
Yi came out from the pagoda to Biao, Yi Dong, Shen Changming and others. After what happened in detail, he was shocked and delighted. The original calculation was not yet true, so he jumped out by himself. It is absolutely convenient to do things in the future with a whipping boy.
He hurried to the Tibetan province and flew around it. He could feel the breath of the powerful world from far away. He couldn’t see the situation in Tibet clearly outside the curtain, just like another world.
I didn’t know it was a kind of enchantment until I asked. There were so many monks outside the enchantment that they were eager and afraid.
As soon as Yi Gang entered the enchantment eardrum, he hung up and was not shattered by the roar. He couldn’t just observe the mixed turbulence of golden light, green light and black light with his eyesight, and all kinds of fog floated like a dream.
Reiki is very full, but it is too much to be refined.
The land vibrates, and more than a hundred monster beasts are fierce and head-on, but they are extremely afraid of the enchantment. In the distance, there are several shaking places that seem to be monster beasts.
It’s easy to slay more than a dozen heads, supplemented by monster beasts, and it’s just a beast sea, and the evil spirit is extremely fierce.
He just wanted to see what it was like, and then he retired, looking a little pale and going home with his royal sword.
"The plan of the Dead Wood Sect and the Nine Youjiao Sect to occupy Wucheng will even go bankrupt. So many monster beasts stand in front of them unless they fight their way out."
"This wave and several monster beast what’s going on? Even the immortal and the Buddha have to get involved? "
"No, it’s urgent to raise our own strength. We can’t delay it any longer. Now even the immortals are bound. What can’t happen! There is danger at any time, and two enemies, Zhu Yang, the demon monk and the flame venerable, are eyeing up and may emerge one day! "
Yi’s mind kept turning all the way to Qin province, and she just wanted to visit some female trouser pockets. The phone rang.
Yi picked up the phone and saw that it was a strange number. When he answered it, he heard a cold short tone, "I’m the east host. Please come to the mountain and wait for you at my east exit."
"Coming soon" is easy to say. Just hang up the phone and fly directly to Baimo Mountain. I am puzzled.
As time goes by, it’s easy to fly to the entrance and meet in the east, then enter Baimo Mountain.
Eastern apathy is still a stuffy gourd, and ghosts are flying before leading the way.
It’s easy to feel that there is something wrong with his mood, so he didn’t ask anything, and soon he entered the Tibet-returning insight and met Stuart Xuan for a long time.
Situxuan wore a simple black robe, and the original silver-white long hair became half white and half black. The Hosta was slightly ruddy and shiny, revealing the wrinkles on the eyes and forehead, and the residual room was flat.
Yi came in and looked at it and smiled in surprise at Situxuan. "Xuan Ye’s injury has recovered quickly. If I wait another two years, I estimate that I can rejuvenate and become a young man in my twenties and thirties."
"Ha-ha, thanks to your small blessing," said Situxuan smugly, looking at Yi from head to toe and boasting, "Your small eyes are also good, and your body is firm but gentle. It seems that they are all magic contributions, and Yuan Shen is about to form a big entry."
"The magic weapon is really serious. It has benefited a lot from the world!" Yi didn’t mention it. To be honest, he sat down on a stone bench.
Situ Xuan solemnly said to Yi Dao, "I know everything about you. The Venerable Flame and the Demon Monk Zhu Yang are in a bad situation than you. What are your plans?"
Yi wanted to think about it and said to him, "It’s no big deal if I don’t go out in Tianlong Mansion. Now there are things like the turmoil in Tibet Province, the evil of The Hunger Hou Huan, the immortal Buddha world and so on. I have the magic sword of Crimson Lotus, and things have subsided a lot, and I am no longer being played every day as before."
"I’m afraid you’ll never be negligent when you’re out of the house. A bad thing is that the body is dead and the soul is gone. These two people are not good ghosts. Except for me, you’re the only child left. You have to worry about your mental instability when you’re happy or not."
Situxuan said with a sigh and said to Yi Dao, "You know what environment I am in now, except for the elders of Baixiuge, there are few genera that can’t be compared with the past. Now my injury still doesn’t know how long it will take to heal. Dong Tianli, they say it’s a guardian to return to Tibet, and it’s also a daily idleness that has long been patient."
Just now you are in danger, I mean, let him see if you are willing if you have their consent. "When he said this, he looked away and had a love in his eyes."
After easy to listen to, I was surprised and opened my mouth. I thought, "If they followed my Xuan Ye, wouldn’t you lose your left and right arms? Besides, the problem of cave safety in Tibet is much weaker."
Situxuan shook his head and said, "Ann’s problem is urgent. Someone pays attention to my situation here at any time. There are also several people who serve them. It doesn’t matter here."
It’s easy to see that his expression and tone are sincere, and he is slightly ashamed in his heart. He wanted to get up and bowed to Situxuan and thanked him. "Thank you, Xuan Ye."
SiTuXuan this just nodded approvingly tunnel "this just like me, I like you this sex is not melodramatic, if others have to listen to it for a long time, you can’t pretend to be bored! After you remember, we are all foreign things except you. "
"If Xuan Ye were someone else, I would have to be polite. But I treat Xuan Ye as a relative, so I am not melodramatic."
The two men smiled at each other, and there was a warm current in their hearts, which made them feel closer.
Then Situxuan called Donghe Tianli to formally introduce two people to Yi, and it was settled.
Easy to learn about the situation of the two people, I was very surprised. I resisted the excitement and gave them a guarantee in front of Situxuan. I should say something and have to say it.
At this time, Donghe Tianli was in a very uncomfortable mood and looked at Situxuan’s unconsciously tears.
Situ Xuan said to the two people, "Practice depends on yourself and opportunities. It’s easy to be lucky now. It’s better for you to benefit from him than to idle around me. Don’t be a son and daughter."
Donghe Tianli took back her tears and knelt down to take a look at the three XiangTous of Situxuan, which made it easy for Situxuan to open his mouth and stop.
Easy to see two people look is to have something to say the baggage and take the journey "Toshiba, Tianli you have a good talk with xuan ye, I’ll go to ShaYunDong and come back early"
After that, Yi simply got up and walked out of the cave of Tibet, making the trance float wave technique come to Shayun Cave, and a group of female brothers said hello and walked into the living room.
"Elder brother Yi ….." Pavilion son shouted a surprise with legs and arms to Yi.
"Ha-ha" Yi put her arms around Tinger’s flesh and screamed. Her pink face kissed several times and laughed. "Did Tinger miss Brother Yi?"
Pavilion son hug easy neck face to face giggling with joy "want to somebody else’s dream?"
Easy to see Gong Yuetong’s pace is a little hasty. She walked out of the pavilion and greeted him with a smile. "Long time no see, sister. How have you been?"
Gong Evening Tong is still as dignified and charming as ever, with her hair hanging high in her arms, her beautiful neck covered with fine silk, her white and charming body full, her breasts bulging and her beautiful buttocks rounded. Every step seems to be full of amorous feelings, and a pair of beautiful eyes reveals a special meaning.
"What’s good is that sometimes I worry that you are in such a mess outside, so don’t go out and live at my sister’s house." Her first sentence is to cut the words.
Yi’s heart is warm and his hands are empty, and the chairs in the palace are seated. The body is less than a foot apart, smelling the faint fragrance and looking at her with a smile. "There are always things that can’t be finished. My brother is just working hard to make my sister feel sad. Is there anything bothering you?"
Gong Evening Tong Liu Mei stretches a beautiful eye and makes eye contact. She looks at Yi Dao as usual. "It’s not always worrying about what’s bothering your sister."
Tingeryi turned her head in her arms and pouted at Gongwan Tong. "Mother lied to others these days. It depends on you always sighing and asking if you still don’t say it!"
Yi Xin thought about whether she was in any trouble or she wouldn’t look like this and said to her heart, "What’s going on? Tell my brother if it’s an external thing or a physical thing?"
Gong Evening Tong gently waved his hands and smiled. "There is really nothing that has been solved by uniting a little bifurcation."
Pavilion, oh, Yi Yi, but not so easy to fool. When I saw her just now with a disguised expression, when I think back, those female brothers looked nervous, even though things were not small, they were probably involved in foreign affairs.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter three hundred and seventy Five people cobble together to refine.
It’s easy to read Gong Yuetong. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can change the subject while teasing and giggling. Gong Yuetong discusses the current situation of the fix-true world and see if she has any opinions.
In the evening, the three of them had a warm family dinner together, and then Yi Tinger went crazy for a while to make up for it. These days, they were bitter and didn’t sleep until late at night.
On the afternoon of the second day, Yi NianLia reluctantly left for a trip to Tibet, and only at noon did she take Dong, Tianli and four of them to Tianlong House.
Dong and Tian Li cultivated the realm of returning the spirit to emptiness. In the heyday of Yuan God, two genera in each generation were Dongyi, Dongyi, Tianhe and Jack nife.
It is not surprising that the four people look ordinary, and their bodies are filled with light black light, which makes people unable to tell the difference between the Taoist priest and the God Xiao Cheng.
Tianlong mansion main palace is easy to introduce each other to everyone. It is really gratifying to have these six people to join the force, which is equivalent to doubling the expansion and finally having a pleasant person.
Qinqi’s two daughters, Shisanwei, Luocheng, Yang Guanzhong, Tian Caiyan, etc. East and Tianli met each other, and the atmosphere was not so lively.
Yi personally chose the courtyard attic for six people, such as Dong and Tianli, and finally said to them, "You should regard Tianlong House as your own home, and if you need anything, you can directly find Biao to handle something, and I will greet you."
When Dong and Tian Li heard this, they shook their heads and stared at Yi Dao. "This is against the original intention of the old master. Besides, we are not free. You must greet us when you go out, otherwise it will be meaningless for us to follow you."